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The best chicken feed for layers – series
Choosing the right chicken feed can be super confusing - especially if you are new to backyard chickens. There are[...]
Setting up a chicken coop – 7 common mistakes
Here are the 7 biggest mistakes for anyone setting up a chicken coop. Avoiding these mistakes will save you a lot[...]
Why chickens?
There are loads of benefits of keeping backyard chickens. If you don't have pet chickens - you need to - and[...]
Pet Chickens – why chickens are the best family pet
Pet chickens are becoming increasingly popular. It is now pretty common for suburban homes across Australia to have a few pet[...]
Hidden nesting boxes and eggs
Anyone who has free range chickens, will know how frustrating it is when your hens don't lay where you want them[...]
Do eggs cause heart disease?
There is a common myth that eggs cause heart disease. It's simply not true and I am amazed that egg white[...]

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DIY Manuals, Guides and Resources