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Cloud Bread
This cloud bread recipe is a real winner! Its a high protein, low carb and grain free substitute for bread, muffins and burger buns. I
Google farms with hen view
If I went back to 1995 and told people about google maps, no one would believe it was possible. “They[...]
Mash, pellets or crumble feed? The result will surprise you!
This post covers: 1. What feed is made of 2. Forms of feed 3. feed at different ages 4. Comparison (popularity, pros and cons) 6. My recommendation 7. Guide to changing chicken feed.
The best chicken feed for layers – series
Choosing the right chicken feed can be super confusing - especially if you are new to backyard chickens. There are[...]
Setting up a chicken coop – 7 common mistakes
Here are the 7 biggest mistakes for anyone setting up a chicken coop. Avoiding these mistakes will save you a lot[...]
Why chickens?
There are loads of benefits of keeping backyard chickens. If you don't have pet chickens - you need to - and[...]
Pet Chickens – why chickens are the best family pet
Pet chickens are becoming increasingly popular. It is now pretty common for suburban homes across Australia to have a few pet[...]
Hidden nesting boxes and eggs
Anyone who has free range chickens, will know how frustrating it is when your hens don't lay where you want them[...]

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