Are Australorps good egg layers?

Australorps have a reputation for being excellent egg layers. During the 1930s they won egg laying competitions and broke egg laying records. But are they still as good as they used to be? My take is that most of the Australorps around today are average egg layers at best. I know that’s probably not what you’ve …

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Primal Chickens – 6 chicken keeping secrets from the evolution of chickens

With backyard chickens, there are lots of approaches that have been passed down and established as conventional wisdom. In this post, I debunk some of these conventions, by studying the evolution of chickens from Junglefowl (their primal ancestors) to the domesticated chickens we have today. And it’s often these conventional approaches that cause problems with backyard …

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Cloud Bread

This cloud bread recipe is a real winner! Its a high protein, low carb and grain free substitute for bread, muffins and burger buns. I

Google farms with hen view

If I went back to 1995 and told people about google maps, no one would believe it was possible. “They will have this thing called street view. You can walk around the streets in any major city around the world, as if you are there in person. You can even walk into the shops” Yeah right! …

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