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DIY Chicken Proof Tomato System

(PDF Guide)

A super simple way to chicken proof your tomatoes. This is a system that looks good is quick and simple to setup, cheap and makes tomato growing easier.

Get Started with Backyard Chickens

(PDF e-book)

Step by step guide to getting started with Backyard Chickens

This guide will help you get clear, confident and equipped, saving you time and helping you avoid the common pitfalls. 

Primal Chickens - 6 Important Lessons from the evolution of chickens (PDF)

From a study of the evolution of chickens, I've identified 6 important lessons for backyard chickens. This looks at the Jungle Fowl which are the chickens ancestors, through to Family Farming in the 1900s to 1950s and modern day Factory Farming.

Primal Chickens - Checklist (PDF)

This checklist gives you a summary of the 6 lessons and key takeaways from the evolution of backyard chickens.Weather your getting setup with backyard chickens for the first time, or making some changes to your current setup, this checklist make it easy for you to get started with primal chickens in your own backyard.