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20 Cent Lemon Stand

20 cents for home grown, giant sized lemons! 

No wonder we sold 3 crate loads of them to the neighbours in our street. But that certainly wasn't the point. 

We had more lemons than we could use and decided to have a lemon stand out the front of our house.

Rather than just give them away, we used it as an excuse to catch up with our neighbours. People that live next door and down the street, but we rarely see.

On top of that, it was a great learning opportunity for our 4 year old son: Greeting people, counting money, counting out lemons and understanding how money works.

We are living in a bubble

Today we live in a society where we value individual self reliance. On top of that, we are more disconnected from the real world and the people around us. Instead we are immersed in the online world. We are living in a bubble where we don't even know our neighbours, let alone help each other out.

A shift back to resilient local communities

When it comes to sustainable and resilient food systems, I think this is one of the most important changes that needs to happen. A shift back to resilient local communities where we buy local, help out our neighbours and trade second hand goods.

There are heaps of benefits that come with this:

  • More fun: human beings are social animals and life is simply better and more fun with strong social connections.
  • More rewarding: allows you to make use of a diverse range of different skills and resources, which helps us live a 'richer' life.
  • More resilient: A strong network and support group built up in the good times, can help you out in the bad times.
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    How to put this into practice

    • Join community gardening groups
    • Join groups online 
    • Follow your favourite blogger (like me)

    What I'm doing

    Building a community of like minded people is a key part of this blog - on my journey to a more sustainable, healthy and self sufficient life. The aim is to:

  • Connect with like minded people
  • Share what I learn and help others live a better life
  • Make an impact on food industry
  • Do you know your neighbours

    Do you speak to your neighbours? Why / why not? I would love to hear your thoughts - just leave a comment below.

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  • Cindy Loos says:

    Yes, my hubby & I speak to my neighbors whenever we happen to see them out & about. One, I call occasionally to see how she’s doing. One I was close to but now avoid, because she was constantly telling me how to live my life & criticizing me ( telling me that petting my calf was cruel, I needed to de-horn my goats,(and so many more things) & the final straw. . . yelling at me for celebrating Thanksgiving).

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