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Hi, I'm Marcus - I teach busy people how to grow and cook Real Food at home - from Vegetable Patch to kitchen Table. Food that is free of chemicals, full of nutrients and super tasty! To start with, I'm going to share my system for happy, healthy Backyard Chickens made easy.

My passion for food and fresh ingredients

My passion for food and cooking started at a young age. Before I was born my family spent a few years in Penang, Malaysia – which is known as the food mecca of Asia. This experience gave my parents the passion for food that I grew up with.

It wasn’t long before I learnt that the key to tasty food is fresh ingredients. Venturing to the markets, I experienced what real food tastes like. I was amazed the first time I had an un-waxed apple, fresh from the farm - it hardly tasted like the apples from the supermarket.

The Industrial food system

My interest in fresh food led to an interest in where my food came from. But the more I learnt about our industrial food system, the more horrified I was. Artificial fertilizers, animal cruelty and genetic modifications that allow food to be drowned in weed killers.

I knew there had to be a better way!

I knew there had to be a better way and decided to start growing my own food. The problem was, I had no idea where to start, limited space on a suburban block and no spare time while working long hours. But I was determined to find solutions and to provide my family with healthy, nutrient dense and chemical free food.

I’m sharing everything on my journey to more food self sufficiency!

Since then, I’ve been testing solutions and sharing my journey with the world through Patch to Table. This brings together my passion for food and over 10 years experience as a sustainability consultant.

I take a different approach:

I focus on the whole food cycle, not just one part of it. From deciding what to grow, how to grow it, harvesting, storage, cooking nutritious meals and re-using waste.

1. I keep things practical and super simple. I don't talk about "ecological design" and instead focus on providing simple to follow information that gets results.

2. I focus on the low hanging fruit. These are things that can make the most difference with the least amount of time and effort. That’s why my initial focus is on chickens.

3. I give away most of my material: I aim to give away more than 90% of my material free and to make that free material better than everyone else’s paid stuff.

There has never been a better time to start growing and cooking your own food

My mission is to bring about change, by helping people take control of their food - from vegetable Patch to kitchen Table. Whether your backyard is 4 meters or 40 meters, I believe there has never been a better time to start growing and cooking your own food. The global population is increasing rapidly and is predicted to increase by two billion in the next 25 years. This is putting a lot of pressure on our food system and environment to produce more with less, which is why fresh and organic food is getting more expensive. At the same time, its harder than ever to know what you are actually getting. Free range eggs are a perfect example - people are getting ripped off paying a lot more for "free range" eggs, which are no where near expectations of what free range actually means. In the end, its simply not possible for commercially grown food to compare with food from your own backyard.

My food philosophy

I follow the Paleo philosophy which means avoiding modern processed food. is an excellent resource for information on this.

I’m a foodie, so taste is a big part of what I'm passionate about. I'm passionate about fresh and tasty food that brings people together.

I stick to produce that's local and in season. Of course the ultimate in local food is straight from your backyard.

I use a completely organic approach to gardening and stick to organic food as much as possible.

Hidden behind the neatly packaged meat products in your supermarket, lies the horrors of the meat industry. Battery caged chickens and pigs confined to metal cages means that animals are being tortured to enable cheap meat and corporate profits. I support who are doing some great work to change this.

Why I started with Chickens

My initial focus is on chickens. That's because chickens are awesome pets and are such entertaining little buggers - you can't beat chicken TV! There are also 3 more practical reasons I started with chickens:

1. Eggs

Almost instant results. An abundance of fresh free range eggs every day - straight on your plate. Real free range eggs taste amazing and are a Superfood - you can't beat that!

2. Soil Preparation

Chicken poop brings soil to life and is the foundation for a healthy garden. And the best part is you don't even have to think about it, because chickens spread their fertiliser around for you. It beats driving to the shops, buying Dynamic Lifter by the bag and manually spreading it around your yard each week.

3. Animal Cruelty

Caged chickens and overstocked barns cause horrific suffering and torture. By helping more people keep chickens, I aim reduce reliance on commercial eggs, raise awareness and ultimately make a Dent on this industry.