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Bananas and Chickens – The perfect match

I finally had my first harvest of bananas. It seemed to take forever and that's because it takes about 9 months for bananas to grow before they’re ready to harvest.

I have to say they were worth the wait and taste even better than expected. I chopped up any excess bananas into slices and put them in the freezer. They are great for smoothies, deserts or just a snack by itself on a hot summer day. 

The best thing is, growing bananas is super easy and they pretty much look after themselves. I think the hardest part is that they are super hungry feeders and like rich soil with lots of organic matter and lots of nitrogen and potassium. That’s what makes them the perfect plant to grow with your chickens - they thrive on lots of fresh chicken poop which conveniently is full of nitrogen and potassium. To grow bananas you also need: 

  • a warm climate with the ideal temperature range being 26-30°C (78-86F).
  • Lots of moisture

In return, banana trees provide: 

  • shade for your chickens
  • Lots of bananas - with any excess making a great addition to your chickens diet

If you are looking for more information on how to grow bananas, I found this site to be useful:

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