””Understanding and replicating natural systems results in better ecological and personal health” This is a quote and underlying philosophy from a new documentary:  Sacred Cow: The Nutritional, Environmental, and Ethical Case for Better MeatThis is also the philosophy that sits behind Patch to Table (see the Patch to Table Food Manifesto) So it’s speaking my language!Understanding and


I’m VERY excited to announce the release of the all new Chicken Keeping Hub. What is it? The Chicken Keeping Hub is ONE place, where people can go to learn about natural Chicken Keeping.Why I created the Chicken Keeping HubWhen I first started out with Backyard Chickens, I had no idea what I was doing. So I


Making your own bread restores something significant we have lost in our lives from the industrial food system. It restores biodiversity to our food and reconnects us to the food we eat. Through the amazing world of microbiology, each loaf of bread is enriched by a unique mix of bacteria which connects us in a very special way to the food we eat. Connecting our food to the soil it’s grown in, the kitchen it’s baked in and even the hands used to bake it.


When it comes to feeding your chickens scraps and treats, one of the biggest challenges is filtering through all the information out there. In this post I’m going to review and fact check some of the food that is commonly listed as toxic to chickens.


A powerful story of an Indian village that went from drought and water poverty to water abundance. This story shows why education is such a powerful force for change