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Bug attacks increase plant nutrition

Source: "Destruction" by Brian

I was hooking into a bowl of mulberries the other day - when I noticed a small white worm in the middle of it.

On the outside, the mulberry looked fine. But hidden in the middles was a fruit fly worm. After checking more mulberries, I realised my mulberries were full of worms and I would have eaten heaps of them! The worms are harmless, but it still freaked me out a bit.

We have come to expect Perfect & Bug Free Fruit and Vegetables

When you buy food from the supermarket, you never find any bugs or even a trace that bugs were there. You won't even find a couple of caterpillar holes on lettuce.

That's because industrial grade chemicals are used to keep fruit and vegetables bug free. Over time, bug free is what most people have come to expect.

Source: "Perfect" by Matt Smith

Get used to eating the occasional worm

If you want home grown, chemical free fruit and vegetables, then you have to get used to bugs. Don't get me wrong, there are natural and organic solutions for bugs. But you have to keep on to it and natural solutions don't nuke the bugs out of existence like chemicals do.

Worms in my mulberries made me realise I have a fruit fly issue in my backyard. But unless I spray chemicals, I will never get rid of them completely.

Which means I need to get used to eating the occasional worm in my mulberries.

Plants attacked by bugs are full of Phytonutrients

While fruit and vegetables that look 'perfect' might seem ideal, this isn't an indication of nutrition.

In fact, it's likely to be the opposite because research shows that insects eating your fruits and vegetables actually makes them more nutritious, by triggering the plants stress response which increases phytonutrient compounds (antioxidants).

What's your experience with bugs and growing food?

Despite the facts - I'm still getting used to the bugs that come with home grown fruit and vegetables. I've grown up with fruit and vegetables that are bug free and its hard to get used to the idea of eating my fruit with a side of worms.

Whats your experience with bugs and growing food?

I would love to hear - just leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

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  • Exciting point of view! I think you’re right; a bug-free fruit could mean that they used chemicals when growing the fruit.
    However, we had many problems with the snails in the garden; they wanted to eat everything. Another problem was the potato beetle, they just killed all of our potatoes, and I don’t know what else can we do if not use some chemicals.

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