The message is simple. It’s so obvious and shouldn’t be insightful. But for me, it was a lightbulb moment.

What do you use for chicken nesting box bedding?  I think the most common materials for bedding is pine wood shavings. And I can see why. it has a nice smell, is absorbent and is a fluffy material that doesn’t pack down. But to me, buying bedding material seems like a waste. An unnecessary cost and resource

20 cents for home grown, giant sized lemons!  No wonder we sold 3 crate loads of them to the neighbours in our street. But that certainly wasn’t the point. We had more lemons than we could use and decided to have a lemon stand out the front of our house.Rather than just give them away, we

This year my lemon tree has gone bananas. But I wasn’t expecting it to also go Pumpkins! Wow that’s confusing. Too many fruits and vegetables in one sentence. Let me explain.My lemon tree has produced a huge amount of lemons from a small 2 meter tree. They just keep coming! There’s not just lots of them, they

When I wake up, one of the first things I do is check my emails. And while I have my morning coffee, I scroll through the news feed on my phone. Then I sit on the train to work and scroll endlessly through my facebook feed, filled with conspiracies, cat memes and outrage! Throughout the day, there are