Making your own bread restores something significant we have lost in our lives from the industrial food system. It restores biodiversity to our food and reconnects us to the food we eat. Through the amazing world of microbiology, each loaf of bread is enriched by a unique mix of bacteria which connects us in a very special way to the food we eat. Connecting our food to the soil it’s grown in, the kitchen it’s baked in and even the hands used to bake it.

I love how simple this recipe is. The combo of eggs, avocado and salmon goes great together and is a perfect way to get good dose of healthy fats into your diet. Salmon: Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) Eggs: Omega-3 (ALA) Avocado:  Monounsaturated fat Can’t get much better than this for breakfast! Ingredients: 2 Avocado 5

This recipe ticks all the boxes for me because it uses whole food, is rich in Omega-3, low in Omega-6, makes use of fresh produce from my backyard and is kid friendly

Buddha bowl recipe – with a delicious miso, tahini & lemon dressing. It’s delicious, super easy to make and is loaded with Probiotics (healthy bacteria) and Prebiotics (food for your bacteria).

cloud bread is a real winner! Its a high protein, low carb and grain free substitute for bread, muffins and burger buns. It doesn’t taste eggy, holds together well and doesn’t crumble apart when you hold it.