My tip for today is that Styrofoam and chickens don’t mix!

I spent hours setting up a herb garden with planter boxes made out of recycled Styrofoam broccoli boxes. What I didn’t expect is that my free ranging chickens love to eat Styrofoam. At first I thought they might be just pecking at it, but quickly realised they must be eating the stuff. ChickensĀ go crazy for Styrofoam and I have no idea why. I’m sure it can’t be good for them, but my chickens are still with me so its clearly not deadly. But I was also worried about what chemicals might leech into their eggs. I’m sure it was all in my head but I swear their eggs tasted like Styrofoam for the next week.


I thought about covering the styrofoam with something, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I’ve heard that chickens also have a taste forĀ builders plastic, insulation, tarps, silicon and even glass.

So I ended up taking the safe option and just removed them from my backyard.

If you’ve had a similar problem with Styrofoam or something similar, would love to hear from you.

  • Yep. I covered the whole of the inside of the (concrete) chicken house with it to keep them warm in winter and the idiots stripped the lot (barring the stuff they simply couldn’t get to). Extraordinary. They are not fussed on the PU Foam sticking it to the wall at all, so I have a rather odd-looking mural now. If they see me in the barn, they are in like flint because they know there is packaging in there waiting to be taken to the dump. They even fight eachother for it. I also have no explanation why, but styrofoam gobbling is a very real phenomenon.

  • Jayne Ard says:

    I had very bad “pecking” problem and I must say it was getting to my wits end. Plenty of room, plenty of water, plenty food and plenty snacks and toys. No mites and no disease. An older man (80s) said to break up a styrofoam cooler lid in hand size pieces and let them have it. I did. Four days later, styrofoam gone and not a single “yelp” heard. Not a single hen peck to best of my knowledge. It has brought a calm over the flock and feathers have quit flying. Little quarter inch feathers growing in bare spots all around now. Thank goodness for the wisdom of elders.. and eggs still taste delicious. Cannot explain why but their naked butts are finally covering up.

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