When it comes to feeding chickens - a common question is:

Can chickens eat bread?

Short Answer: No

You should not feed your chickens bread because it's processed and low in nutrients. Your chickens will go for bread, over other more nutritious food every time. This can have a big impact on nutrient intake, which can cause egg quality issues, make your chickens sick and can ultimately lead to death.

Here's why you shouldn't feed your chickens bread:

1. Bread is low in nutrients

Processed food is low in nutrients. Highly nutritious food is especially critical for modern domesticated chickens that are bred to lay eggs daily.

2. Bread hijacks your chickens natural appetite

Bread hijacks the chickens natural appetite and ability to balance their nutrient needs. Because of this - your chickens will go for the soft processed bread over other more nutritious food every time.

3. Bread replaces more nutritious food

It doesn't take much to fill up your chickens with bread - having a big impact on their intake of nutrients.

What will happen if you feed your chickens bread?

Feeding chickens bread may seem like a harmless thing to do. What harm can a piece of bread here or there do? Feeding chickens bread can:

  • Cause egg quality issues
  • Make your chickens sick
  • Ultimately lead to death.

Can Chickens eat moldy bread?

Feeding chickens mouldy bread is even worse. Mold on bread contains bacteria which can make chickens sick and mycotoxins which can be toxic in sufficient doses.

The bottom line

You can feed chickens bread and chickens do eat bread. In fact they love it!

But it's a very bad idea.

Feeding chickens bread is completely unnecessary when there are so many other nutritious food scraps you can feed your chickens.

What has your experience been?

Do you feed your chickens bread? What has your experience been? Leave a comment below:

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