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Do eggs cause heart disease?

There is a common myth that eggs cause heart disease. It’s simply not true and I am amazed that egg white omelettes are still around, based on the idea that egg yolks cause heart disease because they are high in cholesterol.

Where the idea came from

This craziness started with the low fat diet and the food pyramid. One of the biggest myths that came from the low fat diet is that food high in cholesterol such as eggs, causes blood cholesterol levels to rise which causes heart disease. Because of this advice, in 2012 Americans ate on average fewer eggs than almost any other time in the pas century.

Wow, how could they screw things up so badly. The food pyramid is one of the reasons why our society is so fat and unhealthy today. The low cholesterol, low fat message has been so deeply ingrained that change is happening very slowly. Our whole food system has been built around the low fat diet with high sugar breakfast cereal and low fat yogurt still dominating our supermarket shelves. We need to move on from this, fast!

Why you can start eating egg yolks again

There has since been a stack of studies that show cholesterol in the food you eat (dietary cholesterol) has a minimal affect on your blood cholesterol levels. Thats because most of the cholesterol from food can’t be absorbed by your body. Recently the US Government (Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee) has dropped its caution about eating food high in cholesterol. And when it comes to eggs, research has even found that eggs have a lipid that lowers cholesterol absorption even further.

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