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Lightbulb moment from a kids show – It will surprise you!

Oh forest, mighty forest
You don't belong to us
We belong to you

This is a quote from one of the shows my kids watch, called Kiri and Lou (that I secretly not so secretly love watching too).

In one of the episodes, Lou shows Kiri the tree he's planted and she's jealous and steals one of his seeds.

Then Kiri explains that 'its not my tree.. it doesn't belong to anybody"

Then they sing this song:

Oh tree, oh tree
You don't belong to me
I belong, to you
Oh forest, mighty forest
You don't belong to us
We belong to you
May you grow for a million years
May you always be right here
Because we are just, a tiny part, of you
Oh forest your our home
You don't belong to anyone
We belong, to you.

The message is simple.

It's so obvious and shouldn't be insightful.

But for me, it was a lightbulb moment.

It reframed how I think about our relationship with "Mother Earth".

Click to play

Did you enjoy this little snippet from Kiri and Lou? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Thanks for the reminder. Often we forget about who is the creator and who was placed here as the keeper of the creations.

    • Thats a good way to put it. With such a focus on Ownership and Consumerism, seems like we have forgotten that we rely on this earth for survival

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