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Patch to Table Weekly – Edition 3

What I'm up to and interested in

Plastic waste

Some recent articles on plastic have made me realise I’m pretty slack when it comes to the way I deal with plastic waste.

I've got a great system at home for food waste, which goes to my chickens, the worm farm or my dogs.

But I haven’t given plastic the focus it deserves. This is something I need to fix!

Most plastic can't be easily recycled like food waste, so the best approach is to avoid using it as much as possible. But it’s not easy. Plastic is the conventional approach for lots of day to day living such as plastic bags in the supermarket and plastic wraps and containers used for storing food. I grew up with this stuff and I never realised how much I depend on it. It’s like mindless eating. We consume and discard massive amounts of plastic without even realising it.   

So why is plastic waste an issue?

So to get rid of plastic in my life, I'll have to come up with different tools and different solutions to replace the plastic I use.

Initially I will focus on simple changes with the biggest impact - re-usable plastic:

I’ll let you know how I get on with my war against plastic waste. I’ve now publically committed to it, so you can hold me accountable! And if you have any tips, I would love to hear them.

From the Vegetable Patch

First Strawberry of the season

I had my first strawberry of the season this week. Big, red, juicy and delicious. For some reason my son usually gets first dibs at the garden goodies, but we all shared this one.

I wanted a decent amount of strawberries this year and planted up big. I figure you can never have to many strawberries. It has paid off and they are starting to come through quickly - yum!

Tomatoes growing everywhere

When tomatoes are in season, they seem to sprout up everywhere. I’ve had a few bumper tomato crops in the past and obviously the seeds are in the soil. So they pop up like weeds.  I even have a few growing up my hedge. That means tomatoes without any work!

To the Kitchen Table

Strawberry and cashew bliss balls

With strawberry production in full swing, I found this recipe to make use of any excess. They are deliciously creamy and not too sweet. There is no sugar in this recipe - the sweetness comes from the strawberries and a couple of dates. Enjoy!

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