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Patch to Table Weekly – Edition 7

From the Vegetable Patch

Why everything you know about composting is wrong

Love this TED talk about composting

 "Composting is an imitation of nature and nature does not make big piles of garbage and neither should you" - Mike McGrath
Massive strawberry harvest = flop

The massive strawberry harvest I had planned failed terribly. Something was eating them - which turned out my own chickens!

To get at the strawberries they would venture into my back patio, past my sleeping dogs and stick their head through the picket fence. They would then pick off the strawberries one by one. 

I wonder if I will get strawberry flavoured / coloured eggs…

To the Kitchen Table

It's the carbs not the fat

Great article from a cardiologist on why carbohydrates are killing us

For decades, our public health leaders have dispensed deadly dietary advice. That needs to change. Many doctors, myself included, have seen with our own eyes how low-carb diets help patients lose weight, reverse their diabetes and improve their cholesterol.

Low-carb primarily means eliminating processed food (crackers, bread and chips) and replacing it with whole food (fruit, veggies and eggs from your garden and grass fed steak from your local farmer).

Buddha Bowl - Miso, Tahini and lemon dressing

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been getting into Buddha Bowls which have become my go-to for lunch.

Here's my first Buddha bowl recipe - with a delicious miso, tahini & lemon dressing. It's delicious, super easy to make and is loaded with Probiotics (healthy bacteria) and Prebiotics (food for your bacteria).

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