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setting up a chicken coop

Setting up a chicken coop – 7 common mistakes

Here are the 7 biggest mistakes for anyone setting up a chicken coop. Avoiding these mistakes will save you a lot of amount of time, energy and money. And most importantly, will make sure your chickens are happy, healthy and productive. Mistake 1. Pests and predators: Chickens are a magnet for pests and predators. Uneaten grain and […]

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Why chickens?

There are loads of benefits of keeping backyard chickens. If you don’t have pet chickens – you need to – and here are the top 7 reasons why. 1. Eggs from backyard chickens – nutritional powerhouse Eggs from backyard chickens are a nutritional powerhouse and can’t be compared to conventional eggs you find in the supermarket. Thats […]

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Pet Chickens – why chickens are the best family pet

Pet chickens are becoming increasingly popular. It is now pretty common for suburban homes across Australia to have a few pet chickens in the backyard. Chickens  give back way more than they take, which make them pretty unique. That’s why I think they deserve the title of the best family pet. They are relatively low cost […]

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Hidden nesting boxes and eggs

Anyone who has free range chickens, will know how frustrating it is when your hens don’t lay where you want them to. If your wondering where all your eggs have disappeared to, it may be that your hens have hidden nesting boxes. If your hens are not using the nesting box you provided, you need to sort […]

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Chicken keeping tip: Styrofoam

My tip for today is that Styrofoam and chickens don’t mix! I spent hours setting up a herb garden with planter boxes made out of recycled Styrofoam broccoli boxes. What I didn’t expect is that my free ranging chickens love to eat Styrofoam. At first I thought they might be just pecking at it, but […]

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