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This will transform your life – poverty to abundance

“I saw people who just sat and watched the water together for hours - they had never seen so much water"

I recently came across a powerful story of an Indian village that went from drought and water poverty to water abundance (video below). Not by luck. But by working with nature and better managing the land and the resources that were always there.

It’s so inspiring to see how much joy there is in this community. They’re celebrating because for the first time they have plenty of water. When you see the change, you’ll understand why. The land has been completely transformed:

Barren, drought stricken land has been turned into green fields.

Ponds and streams and wells that were empty are now overflowing with water.

The same kids who were missing school to wait for water tankers are now splashing around, playing in water

Women that were trudging miles every day to get water are celebrating along the water banks

It was inspiring to see the community rally together and work hard to make this happen. Even the very old and very young helped to hand dig massive water channels. 

Education is such a powerful force for change

More than anything else, this story shows the power of education. Education was the key that unlocked everything else:

  • It was education that enabled the village to see the possibility 
  • It was education that inspired action; and 
  • It was education that focused the collective effort in the right direction.

That’s why I started Patch to Table. To share information that adds real value and changes people’s lives.

The problem is, most blogs, news sites and social media are focused on shallow information made for entertainment and passive consumption. It’s easy to spend hours swiping through blog after blog, without learning anything useful or practical.

Instead, I take a different approach and focus on providing information that educates and inspires action. This means well researched and longer form content like e-books, DIY guides and courses. 

What do you think? Are you getting value from my content?

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  • What an amazing story! Imagine if that could be done in other places in the world, not just India. Thank you for showing this.

  • Absolutely amazing! How steep of a slope would swales work on? So inspirational!! Thank you.

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