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Avocado filled with smoked salmon and egg salad

I love how simple this recipe is. The combo of eggs, avocado and salmon goes great together and is a perfect way to get good dose of healthy fats into your diet. Salmon: Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) Eggs: Omega-3 (ALA) Avocado:  Monounsaturated fat Can’t get much better than this for breakfast! Ingredients: 2 Avocado 5 […]

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30% of honey is fake

Australia’s largest honey producer Capilano, has been found to be selling fake honey. Fake honey or adulterated honey is bulked up with cheap alternatives such as rice syrup and beet syrup, which aren’t detected by standard honey tests.The problem comes from cheap honey imported from China, where they don’t have enough bees to produce the […]

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Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

This recipe ticks all the boxes for me because it uses whole food, is rich in Omega-3, low in Omega-6, makes use of fresh produce from my backyard and is kid friendly

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