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Cloud Bread

cloud bread is a real winner! Its a high protein, low carb and grain free substitute for bread, muffins and burger buns. It doesn’t taste eggy, holds together well and doesn’t crumble apart when you hold it.

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Google farms with hen view

We have google maps already – is it too far fetched to create something similar for farms? Google Farms with hen view? Google already has all the technology and distribution it needs to make this possible.

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Chemicals on your papaya? The truth will shock you

Today I was searching for information on how to grow papaya. I came across what looked like a useful video. But as I got into it, I realised it was the recipe for chemical soaked papaya. Papaya grown in chemical fertilizers, sprayed heavily with pesticides and soaked in chemicals to ripen the fruit so that it […]

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Do eggs cause heart disease?

There is a common myth that eggs cause heart disease. It’s simply not true and I am amazed that egg white omelettes are still around, based on the idea that egg yolks cause heart disease because they are high in cholesterol. Where the idea came from This craziness started with the low fat diet and the food pyramid. One […]

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