Next Steps

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You've learned some of the key tools, mindsets and strategies you need to get started with backyard chickens from scratch.

  • In Part 1, I introduced the Quiz to test if your ready to get started with backyard chickens. I also walked through some of the hassles that can come with backyard chickens and how you can avoid chicken keeping hell.
  • In Part 2, I went through the benefits of backyard chickens, to help you get clear on what you want to achieve and the best way to go about it.
  • In Part 3, we talked about the practicalities of chicken keeping to help you understand whats required and what your in for.
  • In Part 4, I helped you work out if your backyard is well suited to chickens, to give you the confidence to get started straight away.

I hope this guide inspires you to join the backyard chicken movement and start enjoying fresh, super charged eggs, from happy, healthy hens wondering around your own backyard.

The next step is to jump in and get started. And that means learning how to:

  • Design a chicken keeping system that achieves your vision, fits in with your lifestyle and makes best use of the space on your property.
  • Choose the right breed(s) to get the most from your chickens, such as breeds that lay more eggs, are hardy and make good pets.
  • Manage your chickens in a way that works with their natural behaviours and biological needs, so that they are super easy to look after.

I give away tons of free material about these topics. I even have a full course on the way, that takes you step-by-step from "scratch" to happy, healthy backyard chickens. The course has not been released yet, but if you want to get a heads up when it opens, enter your email below.

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