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Why Plastic Kettles are Toxic

Recently I checked inside my electric kettle and was horrified. There were small black things floating around in the water.

At first I thought bugs! Gross!

But what I found was worse. The plastic lid (on the inside) of my kettle was flaking off into the water. The plastic had deteriorated so much from the steam, that the plastic was breaking off and falling into the water.

I’m sure I don’t need to convince you that eating plastic fragments is not good for your health, but here is what the research says about leaching of chemicals from plastic in food:

I am very plastic conscious and avoid plastic food utensils:

  • I try and avoid plastic containers and use glass or stainless steel instead.
  • I never heat food in plastic containers because this leaches more toxins into the food.
  • I avoid plastic spatulas because they eventually melt and flake off into food. Instead I use wood or silicon coated spatulas
  • I don't use plastic wrap - instead use bees wax wraps for wrapping up food.
  • I use silicon anti-spatter lids for the fridge rather than plastic.
  • I don’t use plastic coffee filters or pods and use a glass coffee plunger instead.

But I never thought about my kettle. It was a hidden source of plastic toxins for me and probably the worst by a long way.

The solution

The solution is to find a stainless steel kettle with a stainless steel lid. The problem is, they can be hard to find and you will have to pay a bit more than the cheap plastic ones.

Most kettles have plastic on the inside of the lid, like this one:

I ended up buying the DeLonghi Icona kettle, because there's no plastic at all inside (note: I had to take out the removable filter on the spout, which has a plastic frame).

I'm sure there are plenty of other options that are plastic free, it just takes some research.

How about you?

Do you have an experience with plastic kettles or being exposed to hidden plastic toxins? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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