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Will home kitchens soon be a thing of the past? Ikea thinks so

My oven died! But I didn't have to think twice about replacing it. I didn't sit down and try to work out if I'm better off without a kitchen – instead relying on microwave dinners, takeaway and home deliveries.

 But it's possible that's where things are heading. Ikea has predicted that future homes will be so small they won't have space for kitchens. Instead communal kitchens will be the norm. And a report from investment firm UBS "Is the kitchen Dead?" predicts that by 2030 most meals currently cooked at home will instead be home delivered.

Skeptics, UBS suggests, should consider the evolution of the clothing industry over the last century.

“Describing today’s world to a person whose clothes were all made at home would presumably draw a great deal of skepticism, and the full shift from home clothes production to today’s world took a long time,” they wrote. “But some of the same characteristics are at play here: we could be at the first stage of industrializing meal production and delivery.”

Perhaps. But food is not the same as clothes. Your health doesn't depend on the clothes you wear. There is a lot more at stake here.

Could you live without a kitchen in your home? Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Most kitchens I’ve been in, I wouldn’t eat out of. I don’t trust food storage, prep and cooking to persons who let their pets jump and walk around on the drain board and eat and drink out of dishes. The whole concept of clean and sanitary is foreign to them. NO COMMUNAL KITCHEN FOR ME AND MINE!!!

    • Good point – keeping the kitchen clean would be a nightmare!

      • Margaret mil!er says:

        Hopefully a communal kitchen would be run under the same health regulations that commercial one would be under.

        • Inspection and enforcement would be complicated. How would you get the offending party up to par? Also, how would you establish that criteria? There are restaurants and others that operate under the radar until people get sick and/or die? I believe the one issue that upsets/angers me is sick people in the kitchen. HEP C anyone?

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